Wednesday, August 29, 2007

CHECK IT: New Dan Clowes Serial In New York Times Magazine!

For anyone waiting for a new issue of Eightball or just any new comics from Daniel Clowes, I have some good news. Starting on September 16th, the New York Times Magazine will run a 20 part serial by the esteemed cartoonist behind Ghost World and David Boring. For those of us unwilling to start subscribing to the New York Times Magazine, you can read it online at their website under it's Funny Pages section where they've serialized other cartoonists comics. So far Chris Ware, Jaime Hernandez, Seth, and Megan Kelso have had news stories (in color!) in this section of the New York Times. Be warned though that you may have to sign up to read these comics!

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Andy Mansell said...

Did anyone see the NYTIMES editorial--an EDITORIAL!! about Jack Kirby and how his place in comics history needs to be preserved. Incredible!!!