Friday, August 17, 2007

Free Passes :: Death Sentence Sneak Preview

Oh-ho! We just got some free passes to a sneak preview of the new Kevin Bacon movie, Death Sentence. Apparently it's adapted from a novel by the guy that wrote Deathwish, which you will remember starred Charles Bronson, who's also in the greatest Western of all time, Once Upon A Time In The West, which also starred Henry Fonda, who--oh, never mind. Anyway, the sneak preview is scheduled for 9.30pm (must be a scary movie), on August 30, 2007 (it's a Thursday). Each pass is good for two people, so we'll only give you ONE pass, for you and your sweetie. If you don't have a sweetie, you've got a little less than two weeks to sweetify yourself. Get to it!


Shawn Reynolds said...

We are out of passes! Those went pretty fast.

Jason Wheatley said...

That's the power of Kevin Bacon for you.

Dustin Harbin said...

There's one on my desk, I think, that I used when I posted originally. If anyone wants it, it's theirs.