Thursday, August 9, 2007

REVIEW :: Uptight #2

Actually, I'm going to refer you to Tom Spurgeon's excellent Comics Reporter blog, where he reviews Jordan Crane's new Uptight #2. This came out last Wednesday (I think), and I loved it so much I'd planned to share my love with all of you; however, time is short, and Mr Spurgeon has done it better than I probably would have, and certainly with less words. Check it out!


Rich Barrett said...

Hey man, if there's any left of this can you put one in my bag? I'll be by this week to snatch it up.

Dustin Harbin said...

No sweat, Rich--I just Creatively Directed Jason to take care of that for you.

Andy Mansell said...

To me the middle story about the grandparents, was a near- masterpiece, insightful and painful with no easy answers or endings-- much like life. Jordan Crane is the kind of artist that inspires you to want to either create something yourself or at the very least-- be a better reader. thanks for listening