Thursday, August 16, 2007

Scott Campbell (Not That One) Joins Indie Island List!

Whoa! This guy is my new favorite artist, not to mention one of the designers behind one of the coolest games ever, Psychonauts! As far as I know, he's not related to that other Scott Campbell (by that I mean J. Scott Campbell), but he's plenty-nuff Campbell for me! It's super-exciting to announce that he's joining the guest list for next year's HeroesCon: Indie Island soiree!

You can catch Scott's cartoons in the Hickee and Flight anthologies, not to mention Project: Superior and the recent Beasts! book from Fantagraphics. And be sure to check out his sweet blog, which you should go to right away and start looking at. Now! There's some really great stuff on there, which will either make you laugh a lot, or prove to you how humorless and dark your life has become. Cheer up!


J Chris Campbell said...


Dustin Harbin said...

Yeah, totally. I've been trying to upgrade my Campbells for years. This one has less initials than the one I've been stuck with, too, which saves valuable ink in my flyers and stuff.

Are you guys related? What's Bruce Campbell like? Is his chin really that big?