Monday, September 17, 2007

Hey, I'm Famous! :: Dustin Harbin on Comic News Insider!

If you like the idea of hearing me interviewed by Jimmy Aquino of Comic News Insider at the Baltimore Comicon, you'll love this podcast. If you hate the idea, don't worry: apparently I'm holding the mike against my shoe, so you can barely hear me. Also, I'm first, then Paul Pope and James Jean are interviewed afterward, so a little fast-forwarding will end your pain. Jimmy and I talk about how cool the Baltimore show was going, what's coming up for HeroesCon, and a cosplaying Hellgirl. Many thanks to CNI's Jimmy Aquino and the guys at Comic News Insider!

Direct link to their site here.

And, in case archiving breaks the link, here's a link to the .mp3.


dialhforhero said...

I listened to their "one-shot" podcast on Saturday, and lo and behold, there's your friendly voice. Great interview! CNI is a great podcast, and if Dustin is the gateway drug to more listeners from our area, it's all worth it.

Tim Schleining

Dustin Harbin said...

I do have a friendly voice, don't I? Bless you, Tim Schleining!