Tuesday, September 18, 2007

TOP TEN :: Best Comics Artist Ever :: #7 :: John Buscema

Penciler John Buscema is best known for his work on Silver Surfer, The Avengers and Conan. But he also worked on Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and nearly every other Marvel title you can think of. His covers are iconic, especially Silver Surfer #4 where Surfer and Thor are engaged in battle.

After Jack Kirby left Marvel in the 70s Buscema helped to fill the void. He also helped to standardize the way Marvel characters were drawn. He wrote the book on it. Literally. In 1977 Stan Lee and Buscema wrote How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way.

His work is all about epic poses and dynamic compositions. I love the tension and the action in his work. But I think what I love most about Buscema is the way he would draw women. They were glamorous with their big eyes, flowing hair and long legs. I have a secret longing to look like the vixens from the Silver Age of comics. Perhaps one day… (when I grow another 8 inches or so).


RBAILY3 said...


Phil Southern said...

I think I shall organize a parade in his honor!

Andy Mansell said...

Count me in! The only drawback to Buscema's work is the shortage of facial expressions. there is mouth closed grim and mouth open grim... but then again, for Conan, Thor and early silver surfer, it was ideal.
PS--i am a HUGE fan of the Weirdworld issues. Great storytelling by John B.

Andy Mansell said...

Check out the new issue of Comics Journal--with the gorgeous Darwyn Cooke Power Girl Cover--there is a slew of old, old Buscema stories from the '50s.