Thursday, October 4, 2007

REVIEW :: Scott Pilgrim Vol 1 GN

by Bryan Lee O’Malley

Review by Matthew Bradley

I remember going into a comic shop, a few years ago, with some extra cash in my pocket, looking for something new to read. A graphic novel called Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Life stood out for some reason. I glanced through it and decided to take a chance a on it. In the end, was it worth taking that chance?

Scott Pilgrim is a 23 year old slacker from Toronto, Canada. He goes about his by life by performing in a indie rock band, dating a high school girl, and well…..using his roommate’s money for random junk. Things change when he meets the girl from his dreams, in Ramona Flowers. Sounds like a typical boy meets girl type of story, right? Except, there’s one catch: in order to date her, he must battle her seven evil ex-boyfriends.

Bryan Lee O’Malley knows how to bring the funny. The script that he turns out is filled with plenty of wit. What is pretty amazing about it, though, is when the story moves from a humorous tone to a more serious one. It’s a tricky task to pull off, but in the end, he nails it seamlessly. There’s also an insane amount of sheer fun in this comic. From the wild fight scenes to the little info boxes littered throughout the comic, Scott Pilgrim delivers charm in spades.

O’Malley isn’t a slouch on the art either. He has a rough, distinctive, manga-inspired style in his art, which matches perfectly with the story. His layouts convey the story well.

Scott Pilgrim’s Precious Little Life is a must buy. While other companies are producing event after event, Scott Pilgrim comes across as a breath of fresh air. The writing and art alone separate it from the rest of the comic book scene. Take a chance on it.


Rusty said...

Good review Matthew! I just finished reading this myself, and was wondering if I should be reading a book about a 23 yr old dating a high school girl, but the last few pages made me want to read Vol 2. It's the whole Bruce Lee - Game of Death thing. Pretty Kool!

Phil Southern said...

Great job matthew! welocme to the world of the internet!

Matthew Bradley said...

Thanks guys!