Thursday, October 11, 2007

Small Press Expo, Here I Come!

Okay, I'm rushing around trying to get all my Friday work done today, but I wanted to let all my stalkers know that I'll be winging it up to Bethesda, Maryland tomorrow for the Small Press Expo! I went a few years ago, and it was a mondo good time--it's kind of like HeroesCon in that it's super-duper friendly. But it's pretty much all indie types, including old buds like Chris Pitzer, Rob Ullman, and J. Chris Campbell, and new buds like Nick Gurewitch and Jeffrey Brown. Plus some guys Shelton knows named Matt Wagner and Jeff Smith--I'll go say hey to them just to make them feel good; I know they probably won't have anyone hanging out in their lines, poor guys. You'll make it one day! Anyway, with luck I'll be bringing back some more sweet HeroesCon announcements, plus a backpack full of mini-comics and other swag. If you're hunting something and want to me to look for you, better tell me today! Wish me luck!

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