Monday, November 12, 2007

GOOD GRAVY! :: Roger Langridge Art For HeroesCon!

I just wanted to throw a quick post up, pointing out that I've updated the little Indie Island poster on the related page of our website. Normally this sort of stuff wouldn't be anywhere close to news, but I wanted to point out that the art is by the enormously talented Roger Langridge. Even this isn't really news--other than me ruining the art with a bunch of type and logo's and stuff--but what IS news is that Roger is donating the original black and white art to our Art Auction, which means you might be able to own it yourself! This is the first submission to the Auction, although by the time of the auction itself there'll be hundreds--we'll be posting them as we receive them, and eventually will build a page on our site to display them, to push your Art Auction enthusiasm to a fever pitch! Huzzah!


Andy Mansell said...

You MAD genius. This is going to be the greatest convention EVER. So good, I don't want to volunteer anymore, I just want to go, NOW--I can't wait!!

Dustin Harbin said...

I'm not sure, but I strongly suspect that the original looks even cooler. Call me a black and white snob, but a lot of his persnickety hatching and stuff gets lost with color. This is going to look great framed on your wall, Andy.