Friday, November 9, 2007

ON THE ROAD AGAIN :: Clear the Roads!

Heroes Aren't Hard To Find owner Shelton Drum is hitting the road for a ridiculous couple of weeks of conventioneering. One would think that he would post himself on this, but Shelton is apparently terrified of technology. Perhaps one day soon we'll hear from him in person, but for now, think of me as his proxy. Like Shelton, but better-looking, and still young and supple.

Anyway, tomorrow (November 10), Shelton's going to be at the Greenville Comic Con, in Greenville, South Carolina! The guest list includes local favorites like Al Bigley, Andy Smith, and Nat Jones--and while I'm not 100% certain, I think our buddy J. Chris Campbell of Wide Awake Press will be in attendance as well. Greenville is only like 90 minutes or so from here, so if you feel like digging through some comics tomorrow, stop by and say hello to Shelton! You can get all the particulars on the convention here.

The very next day (November 11, Armistice Day!), Shelton swings further south for the Atlanta Comic Con , held somewhat predictably in Atlanta, Georgia. Their guest list includes Sean Taylor of Gene Simmons' Dominatrix fame. So if you're hearing the sound of my typing down in My-Lanta, be sure and stop by and peruse the special $2 stock that Shelton and Seth have been working on in the warehouse for the last couple of weeks. Scrumptious!

Also going on Sunday, but sadly Shelton-free, is the Virginia Comic Con, up in Richmond, Virginia. Run by our buddy Brett of Brett's Comic Pile, they'll have guests including Pop Mhan and Randy Green. I've never been to this show, but I've heard good things about it, and Brett's always sweet as can be when we see him. So if you're reading from up north in nearly-Yankee lands, this is the show for you!

And next week Shelton will be deep in Yankee territory at the Big Apple Comicon! That guest list is a who's who of the TV and sci-fi scene, including Hayden Panetierre of Heroes and Kristen Bell of Veronica Mars. That show is scheduled for next weekend, November 16-18! Drive safe, Shelton!

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