Friday, November 23, 2007

OUR CUSTOMERS ARE SUPERIOR :: Stephen Pilker, Architect?

I was sitting down to breakfast this past Sunday with The Charlotte Observer when an article in the Arts & Living section caught my eye. The headline reads “The Magicians of Muzak.” I thought, “I know a guy who works there. He’s a regular at Hereos.” And sure enough I looked up at the picture and saw Steven Pilker, “audio architect” extraordinaire for Muzak.

The article is about what Muzak does and how hip and edgy they are. Seriously. Yes, that Muzak. The elevator music people. They are the people responsible for most of the background songs you hear playing at stores. It is an interesting article. I was surprised to find out that the main headquarters is in Fort Mill, South Carolina. You can check out the entire article here. We here at Heroes already knew that Steven is hip and edgy and we are glad that he is getting the recognition he deserves. That leaves me pondering, “Does hanging out with him make me hip and edgy by association?”

I like to think it does.


Dustin Harbin said...

Point of order! That lady on the right is my friend Anida, who is also a sort-of customer, if coming in once every couple of years and looking at Acme Novelty Library counts.

Stephen looks like he's about to burst into a Run DMC song. Maybe "My Adidas"?

Dan Morris said...

Man, Stephen looks more like a King of Rock guy.

He's the king of rock!
There is none higher!
Sucker MCs should call him sire!
To burn his kingdom you must use fire!
He won't stop rocking till he retires!

I think I like Krush Groove way more than I should.

Anonymous said...

Could Shawn be more hip and/or edgy? Hmmm...