Friday, November 16, 2007

Tugboat Carrying, Er, Cartoonist, Um Travels To Indie Island...

Man, I think I've stressed that whole Indie Island metaphor to the breaking point. If I'd known I'd run out of good material this soon, I would have chosen a different name way back when. But that's not what I've called you all here to talk about.

What I want to talk about is the two SWEET additions we've just made to Indie Island! Firstly, cartoonist and animator Chris Harding, who does the thrice-weekly web comic WE THE ROBOTS, as well as some pretty slick animation. WE THE ROBOTS is still fairly new, so you should definitely jump on the bandwagon early, which is really going to make you look cool when it breaks big-time.

But that's not all! Also brand new is Tugboat Press, the publisher of Papercutter, the shockingly well-made anthology out of Portland, OR that's published future big-names like Aaron Renier, Alec Longstreth, Liz Prince and Kazimir Strepek. I met these guys at SPX, and I'm super-jazzed that they're making the trip all the way from the West Coast to be part of their first ever Indie Island! It's also exciting because it means our cred is getting pretty big, if publishers are choosing to make a transcontinental trip just to be here! Still more names to come as well, as I work out some details. Plus, with Shelton up in NYC this weekend for the Big Apple Comicon, there's sure to be more big New Yorkers added to the list soon!

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