Friday, December 7, 2007

SLICE OF LIFE :: Brooklyn Superhero Supply

This comes via John Hodgeman, the author of The Areas of My Expertise, and the guy who plays "PC" in those Mac Vs. PC commercials. Makes you wish you lived in NYC, eh? Click here or on the image to view pictures from the interior of the store, as part of the photographer's ("silvertje", by whom we may presume these pictures are copyrighted) Flickr photostream. NOTE 1: Just click "next" in the slideshow until you're done. NOTE 2: I don't know this Silvertje personally, so who knows what sort of other pictures might be on her site. We, of course, assume no responsibility. That's just how we roll. Enjoy!

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Anne Helmond said...

Hi there. Yes, my pictures are "copyrighted" but released under a Creative Commons License which only requires to reveal my superhero identity, with a name & link attribution: Anne Helmond @

Don't worry about the other pictures on my site, they're Disney friendly ;)

Thanks for sharing! *silvertje*