Thursday, December 13, 2007

SNEAK PREVIEW :: National Treasure: Book of Secrets

You know who likes comic books? Nicolas Cage. There--you've got something in common with Nicolas Cage! If that's not enough commonality, you can go see this movie for free--I'm sure Nic's not paying either. And if you're not really a Nicolas Cage fan, then this price is right for you: free! That's right, sports fans: bring your free-movie-lovin' keister into the store for a free pass (good for 2 people--the value doesn't stop!) to a sneak preview of the movie this Wednesday, December 19, at 7.30pm! Don't be late--these things tend to fill up pretty quick! Limit one pass per person!


Daniel Von Egidy said...

I was surprised that the first one was good, but it really held together.

Andy Mansell said...

Can i ask a request? Next time you offer a free Preview , can you provide the name of the theater in the BLOG-- it is helpful for us with young'uns.

Dustin Harbin said...

I hear you, Andy--but people find out about these sneak previews sometimes and try to sneak in. This is what Shelton tells me, anyway. So our practice usually is to just give the date and time. Anyone who wants to know WHERE can e-mail me directly, and I'll decide whether you're a good risk: dharbin[AT]heroesonline[dot]com.