Wednesday, January 2, 2008

HEROESCON :: Small Press, Exhibitors, and Schedule Online!

That's right, sports fans! 2008 is here, and we're kicking our inexorable march to HeroesCon 08 into high gear. Yesterday we put up the bare bones of our Event Schedule, on which we'll be hanging the many panels, workshops, and special events as we announce them throughout the coming months.

Also up now, in response to the passionate requests of many of you, are the lists of people who have purchased Small Press space in Artists Alley, as well as Exhibitors. The Small Press list appears at the bottom of our Guest List and Indie Island pages, and the Exhibitor list is, well, on the Exhibitor page. While the line between getting your forms in and payment confirmed to actually being listed on our website is not the straightest line in the world, if your name is not on one of these lists as of RIGHT NOW, then you are not on our list. Once we get your form and payment, your name appearing on one of these lists will act as confirmation.

Also, let me point out now: space at HeroesCon 08 is going to be at an incredible premium this year: our guest list will be far larger than any of the over 25 years of HeroesCon's, and dealer space is sure to sell out far sooner than usual. There are already over 30 dealers confirmed and paid in full, and it's still over 5 months from the convention itself. Remember, the ONLY WAY to reserve space at HeroesCon 08 is to pay IN FULL! This goes double for Small Press spaces--Indie Island is already twice as big as it has ever been, and there will be far fewer spaces available for sale. If you're planning on purchasing a space in Artists Alley, you can e-mail me directly or call us here at 704.375.7462. I'll be seating persons on a first-come, first-served basis, starting at the edge of Indie Island and moving outward into the hall. So the earlier you get in, the closer to the center of the hall you'll be!

GIANT announcements are in store for next week, so stay tuned! And Happy New Year!

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