Monday, January 14, 2008

INDIE ISLAND :: Huge Update Including Center For Cartoon Studies!

Well, we had so many Indie Island additions for a while there, that I was trying to put this off for a little bit, but people keep throwing their hat in the ring, so I figured I'd better get this up while I can. So, not to diminish the relative importance of these personages/institutions, there are just too many to be too verbose about each:

T. Edward Bak is the author of the much-vaunted The Service Industry and recipient of a fellowship at the Center For Cartoon Studies. He's joined by Tom Neely, author of the Ignatz Award winning The Blot, which also has been the subject of all sorts of critical attention, nearly all of the good kind. Ed Piskor is the illustrator behind Harvey Pekar's Macedonia, as well as The Beats and various issues of American Splendor. And coming all the way from Portland Oregon is Sparkplug Comic Books, publisher and distributor of books including Elijah Brubaker's Reich and Renee French's Edison Steelhead's Lost Portfolio.

And if that weren't enough, scant seconds before I was about to post this, I got confirmation that White River Junction, Vermont's own Center For Cartoon Studies will be setting up at its very first HeroesCon! With a faculty and visiting speaker list that reads like a who's who of cartooning, CCS is quickly becoming the new face of education for aspiring cartoonists and self-publishers. Joining CCS will be up-and-comer Joseph Lambert, the author of Bait & Switch and one of the organizers of The Sunday Anthologies, not to mention this awesome cartoon. We just got some of Joe's minicomics in, which I haven't put out yet, but which are awesome. Just ask me if you want one.


Dan Morris said...

If the Center for Cartoon Studies is coming, could James Sturm be far behind?

Rich Barrett said...

Or how about Kevin Huizenga? He did the image that you used in this post right?

How about Nick Bertozzi?

Andy Mansell said...

Joe's minicomics--I want one!

Dustin Harbin said...

Dan: I'd love that, and I've definitely left that door open as wide as I could, but we'll see. With that full time school-running job, he might be too busy. Was he at SPX?

Rich: Kevin is pretty much the last of the "wish list" I made for 08 after the 07 convention (most everybody else is coming!), and the invitation is out there. If you want him to come, let him know! I'd love to increase his profile around these parts anyway--he's making some of the smartest comics I've read. Much too smart for me, in fact.

Andy: they're on my desk, there are 3 of them, and they're all $3 apiece. And they're all awesome. If I'm not here when you come by, just have someone grab you some.

Dan Morris said...

I didn't see him there unfortunately and if he didn't go there, he might not come to Charlotte. I hope he does though as his American trilogy is are some really fantastic comics.

In a note that will probably be relevant to me only, James Sturm was once an artist in residence here at SCAD and taught current up and comers Drew Weing and Robyn Chapman.

Also I second Rich in that we need to get Nick Bertozzi down here as he didn't come to SPX which was a crime.

Dustin Harbin said...

Dan I'm not sure I want criminals in Indie Island. Just look at Sawyer on Lost.

Nick Bertozzi would be good. Guess who's coming that I haven't announced publicly yet? Brian Ralph! Oops--don't tell anyone!