Wednesday, March 19, 2008

HEROESCON :: New Guests, New Exhibitors, New Webpage

Huzzah, huzzah! Big updates today across the board in HeroesCon news. So big it's taken me most of the day to get into position to deliver these updates into the world. So, without further ado:

New to the HeroesCon 08 Guest List today are Secret Invasion and Thor inker Mark Morales. Mark is a familiar sight for HeroesCon attendees, but we're happy to see him getting these super high-profile projects. With luck he'll share some of his paycheck with us when he hits it REALLY big.

Also brand new today is another HeroesCon mainstay, our buddy Ford Gilmore of Illuminati Entertainment. Ford is not only a writer, with credits including Thundercats and his own The Hollow horror novel series, but a movie producer as well! Well hello, Hollywood!

And today we're also adding two new exhibitors: returning to HeroesCon this summer will be Image Comics, coming all the way from California to set up at the show! This will no doubt be a huge year for them, with big Image studs like Invincible writer Robert Kirkman on the list, and we're happy to have them back.

And also returning this year is CGC, the industry-standard grading company that has turned the idea of comics grading on its ear! While they WON'T be doing "on-site" grading at the show--apparently it's monstrously time-consuming, and people spend the whole convention waiting in line--they will be accepting books for grading back at CGC HQ. So you can save yourself some shipping by bringing books you want to get graded to HeroesCon!

And the other big update today is a brand new homepage for Heroes Convention! Including recent updates, quick reference info, and a snapshot of prominent guests and exhibitors coming to the show, this is the homebase for all things convention-related! Check it out right here!


Neil said...

The website looks good, Dustin. Informative and real easy to navigate. Kudos!

Dustin Harbin said...

Cut it out, you flatterer! By the way, you should have your Mahfood Indie Island shirt tomorrow or so. Enjoy!