Monday, March 24, 2008

HEROESCON :: Now With Even More Paypal!

Just to let you peeps know right quick--I've just added those two Indie Island promo shirts, which I just can't quit talking about, to our Promotional page, along with handy Paypal links that allow you to avoid talking to us completely!

This is not only to make it easier for you to buy the shirts--although that helps; we really want as much of your money as we can get, honestly--but as a beta test for future potential use. We've got a lot of old promo stuff lying around--Shelton hasn't thrown away anything with a HeroesCon logo on it since--well, ever. So if any of you guys out in Blogtasia use those Paypal links, please let me know how it works, if there are any problems, etc.: dharbin[at]heroesonline[dot]com. For serious! And in the meantime, enjoy the shirts!


Andy Mansell said...

Well, I was all set to take one for the team and try my paypal when I noticed that Mr Dustin is evidently not a member of the Clean-Plate Club like many of us comic fans. Largest size is LARGE?? Will you be adding more shall we say "robust" sizes or is this a subtle hint that we should be be spending more money AT Heroes Comic Shop than AT Hero Sammich Shops?
Gotta run (I'm between meals at the moment)
Mansmell out!

Casey Jones said...

Excellent -- that's great to see!

Dustin Harbin said...

The short run of sizes is related more to the short number of shirts we had printed. It was either have a few of a lot of sizes, or more of the sizes we thought we'd sell.

I thought you'd lost a ton of weight, anyway?