Tuesday, April 15, 2008

HEROESCON :: Expanded All Ages Section With "Kids Love Comics"

Yes yes! There is a metric ton of news in the offing, so I suggest you keep your peepers peeled over the next couple of weeks. Kicking it off today is the announcement that we'll be consolidating many of our all-ages creators (those who are into the idea, anyway) under the banner of a new special section of HeroesCon, tentatively titled the Kids Love Comics Garage.

Organized around the "Kids Love Comics"group of creators--who travel the country speaking at cons, schools, and libraries, promoting literacy through comic books--the new section will be (at least for now) one of the "islands" that Artists Alley is divided into at the show. I think around 9 tables or so. The Kids Love Comics group is always really popular with kids at shows they do, and we got to see it first hand at last year's Baltimore Comicon. John Gallagher, one of the cartoonists behind the NASCAR Heroes comic book and Buzzboy, has been working with us to create the new section, and it should be really great, not just for kids, but for families or anyone who likes good all-ages comics.

But who are these mysterious creators? Well, that brings me to the other announcement: today we added a whole slew of all-ages creators to the HeroesCon 08 Guest List, most of whom are part of the Kids Love Comics group, including:

JIMMY GOWNLEY, creator of Amelia Rules, and recent 4-time Eisner nominee. Congratulations, Jimmy!

JOSH ELDER, of TokyoPop's Mail Order Ninja and Batman Strikes!

JOHN GALLAGHER, artist of Buzzboy and NASCAR Heroes--wait, did I already say that?

RICH FABER, of Buzzboy and Roboy Red fame, and

SCOTT SAVA, of Dreamland Chronicles and The Lab.

ALSO joining this new section will be TIM RICKARD, creator of the hit Brewster Rockit comic, returning to HeroesCon this year! This promises to be a really great way to show off our family-friendliness--we've always been big into getting young readers into comics, so we're pretty excited about this new part of HeroesCon. Hope you are too!


Neil said...

I think this is a wonderful addition to an already kid-friendly event. Thanks.

Andy Mansell said...

Agreed-- more fodder for a KIDS and Comics-- future of comics panel!!

Andy Mansell said...

Brewster Rockit, Cul-De-Sac and Gasoline Alley all belong in the Charlotte Observer as of yesterday!!