Monday, May 19, 2008

INDIE ISLAND :: Big-Time Editor PLUS Mini-Comic Maker

In what is likely the LAST of the Indie Island additions--heck, where could we put anyone else?--we give you an idea of the scope of this year's Indie Island group of guests.

First up is Chris Duffy, the cartoon editor of Nick Magazine. What does Nick Magazine have to do with Indie Island? Oh, you silly--Nick Magazine keeps a TON of indie cartoonists able to pay some bills--practically all their cartoonists are indie guys, with an impressive list including Craig Thompson, Evan Dorkin, Michael Kupperman, James Kochalka, Drew Weing, and a gajillion others. Plus Chris is a cartoonist himself, as you can see on his ever-so-slow-to-load (that's your warning) cartoon site. He'll be doing a couple of portfolio reviews at HeroesCon for indie up-and-comers at the show, as well as a big star-studded Nick Mag presentation for kids, with guests including Stuart & Kathryn Immonen and Brian Ralph! Very exciting!

Also new to the Indie Island list is mini-comicker and blogger Shannon Smith. While he might not be an editor at a big-time New York magazine, he's no less loved--Shannon has been a big supporter (and attendee!) of HeroesCon for years, and we're super-jazzed to be welcoming him to his first HeroesCon as a guest! Besides reviewing comics under his many blogs, including File Under Other, Shannon is also the man behind mini-comics including Small Bible, Brush & Pen, and Phillip Henry!

Welcome to both of our new adds, and stay tuned for more newsy-wewsies! Oh, before I forget--I was interviewed in the most recent Indie Spinner Rack episode, which you may listen to at their site, should you choose.


Andy Mansell said...

For anyone who has not had the pleasure to look through Nick Magazine, please do so!! It is a joy for kids and it is also an Indy showcase like you wouldn't believe. Chris Duffy is a tremendous editor who compiles a win-win every issue. Great stuff--I can't wait to thank him in person!

Shannon Smith-- one of few polite, mature and erudite BLOGGERS on!! Shannon make sure you have copies of everyone of you mini-comics for sale. I want them all.

I will listen to the Spinner Rack later-- our pesky Firewall team thinks Harbin is too much of a security threat for me to listen to during business hours....

Great job as always Heroes--the bestiest just got even bestier

Dustin Harbin said...

Shannon is a cool dude, Andy, and nearly as tireless as you in promoting the convention! We're very selfish in only hanging out with people who sing our praises everywhere they go.

Shannon Smith said...

Thanks guys. I'm working re-printing my sold out stuff and some new special goodness just for Heroes. I can't wait. I'd drive to Charlotte right now if it wouldn't cost me my job and my marriage.

p.s. My word verification is "buffkied". If that is not a real word then is should be. "How ya doin'?" "Oh me? I'm just buffkied!"

Shannon Smith said...

p.p.s. I second everything andy said about Nick and Mr. Duffy.