Monday, June 23, 2008

HEROESCON 08 :: A Quick Word While We Unpack And Get Our Voices Back

Well, holey moley! We're still unpacking everything, trying to wade through the hordes of sweet congratulatory e-mails already pouring in, and generally nursing sore hips and backs--but we wanted to drop a quick word. In case you didn't make it to HeroesCon this year, you missed the




I'll get to work on a overwritten, over-exhaustive con report tomorrow first thing, and photos will be added to our Flickr stream for probably weeks into the future, as some of the many photographers and press that were on hand get them to me.

But for now I thought I'd leave you with Tom Spurgeon's pretty excellent report, which is certainly better-written than I could ever do. Tom ran about 75% of this year's panels for us, and from the few I had time to sit in on, he was pretty great at it. If you don't already start your comics-blog-reading mornings at The Comics Reporter, I'd recommend you check it out. I'll leave you in Tom's capable hands until later in the week. See you then!

[pictured above from left: Kathryn Immonen, Whit Spurgeon, Tom Spurgeon, Stuart Immonen, and Chris Duffy]


Brenda said...

Had a great time this year. Next year, invite Gail Simone!! =D

Anonymous said...

Sweatiest Heroes Con ever, but still a great time!

Cooper said...

At some point over the weekend I realized that I look forward to Heroes weekend more than any of the "traditional" holidays. Thanks, guys!

Andy Mansell said...

Just a short note here:

Shelton Drum and his staff love their customers, love their customers kids, love the people who create comics and (especially) still love comics!!!!!

For me the whole love thing comes to a head with the Quickdraw that is held at the tail end of each day. Every year the atmosphere in the QD room is nothing short of electric.

The folks from Blue Line generously provided the supplies.

The perfessors from SCAD went above and beyond with the judging of each of the three sessions. What a generous group. Between the Quickdraw judging and the incredible workshops they moderated, I came away from the convention hoping my daughter chooses SCAD for her college education.

Lastly, thanks to Dustin for letting me moderate my dream panel-- I was able to spend almost an hour and a half talking newspaper strips with Jim scancarelli, Don Sherwood, Marcus Hamilton and June Brigman.
Imagine how much fun it was discussing (among other things)the recent controversial Schulz biography with 4 artists who knew Schulz and follow along the same daily path.
I wish everyone could have attended the panel. It was exhilarating!!!

Thanks for listening!!

J Chris Campbell said...

2008 Heroe's Convention = Legendary

Anonymous said...

I bought one of Stuart Immonen's sweet Iron Man prints (similar to the Captain America six panel print from a couple years ago) and had it signed. I've gotten more great art pieces and prints at this show than anywhere else. I'm running out of room in my comic basement!! LOL

Shannon Smith said...

Hey guys. I had a great time as both a creator and a fan. Good work! I posted a small report

Neil said...

Like cooper, I look forward to Heroes Con more than any other thing throughout the year. As an adult, Heroes Con has become what Christmas morning was to me when I was a kid. It sounds like that may apply to Andy M as well (you should have seen him light up when he won the Gasoline Alley stip at the auction).

So, thanks Shelton, Dustin and the rest of the Heroes staff and volunteers for making it such a wonderful event. See you next year.

looka said...

It was to be forseen that it would be AWESOME!

I could tell by all the effort
you people put into this ---Me: bleedingheart for living in effin'

Missed it, missed it....
I missed your store when I was growing up! That's what!

I'm gonna move to Charlotte just for the store!


Anonymous said...

For the 2nd time in a year - - My friends and I had a great time! We drive all the way down from DC for this and again, we thank you! The memories keep coming. I love the growth of Indie Island and hope it continues.




Brian said...

The crew of the Dollar Bin had an excellent time this year as we always do at Heroes Con or when hanging out with the Heroes crew.

Many thanks to Shelton, Dustin and their staff for all they do to make Heroes Con so great for everyone else involved.

And...don't forget to check out for a boatload of interviews and panel recordings from the entire weekend!

James Sack said...

This year's Heroes Con had a thundering bass line!