Friday, June 13, 2008

HEROESCON :: Darwyn Cooke Advance Ticket Incentive!

Well, we may have not made as big a deal of it this year as in the past, but as you can see it's not for lack of an incredible piece of art! We've been busy pretty much from sunup to sunup for the last forever, and as you blog readers may have noticed, not been posting with our normal regularity.

But hopefully this makes up for it! Presenting, ladies and gentlemen, the HeroesCon 2008 Advance Ticket Incentive Print! Featuring all-new artwork by Darwyn Cooke! Everyone with an advance 3-day pass will get one of these 11" x 17", signed and numbered EXCLUSIVE prints, printed on sexy thick paper and ever-so suitable for framing! FREE! The design may change a little bit by the time of the show, but that art will always be awesome, no matter how my design may screw it up!

Speaking of advance tickets: the deadline is Tuesday night, June 17, at 9pm. After that we will not accept anymore ticket forms. You can call for tickets at 704.375.7462, or go here and use the pdf form to fax a charge in. If I could get some time one year, we'll get all that automated online, but for now you'll have to step back into the 80's, technologically speaking. And remember to be patient--our phones are RINGING OFF THE HOOK with ticket orders, and this isn't going to help any! So give whoever answers a break, if you could--they'll appreciate it!


Robert Ullman said...

Wow. Just wow.

That is fan-damn-tastic.

Rusty Baily said...

If I buy two tickets, can I get two prints????? That's just super duper!

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Matthew Sekol said...

Darwyn Cooke is the man! I wish I could have gotten down there for the convention.

Shout out to Hank!