Sunday, June 8, 2008

HEROESCON :: Last Minute Additions Rick Remender and Tommy Castillo!

Woo-ee, talk about a last-minute update! But this one will make our man Rusty pretty happy!

Brand new to the HeroesCon 08 Guest List is good ole Rick Remender, the writer of a ton of stuff including THE ATOM, FEAR AGENT, CRAWL SPACE, SEA OF RED, STRANGE GIRL, THE END LEAGUE... I could go on all day. I would, too, except I've got eight other things I need to get to, one of them being bed--so to really experience the majesty of Rick Remender, I suggest you go right to the source at the convention.

But that's not all--also new to the Guest List tonight is BATMAN and DETECTIVE COMICS artist Tommy Castillo. Besides his comics work, Tommy's also worked extensively in movies and other media, and has a couple of art books to his credit, including DRAGONS, MYTHS, & MAYHEM!

Okay, time for bed--see you tomorrow! Tons more announcements to make!


Rusty Baily said...

Rick who?...

D'oh! I'm exstatic!

Joey said...

Tommy who?