Wednesday, July 16, 2008

IN STORE APPEARANCE :: Mark Millar & Tony Harris: August 17, 2008!

Well, it's not exactly a secret, as we had a bunch of big ads in our HeroesCon 08 Program Book to this effect, AND have it listed under the "Coming Events" section of our weekly Heroes Hotline, but just so YOU, the loyal readers of our humble blog, know it, let us officially announce it:

On Sunday, August 17, from 2-5pm, Mark Millar and Tony Harris will be making a special appearance in our store, in support of their book War Heroes. We'll be a part of an exclusive seven city "Tour of Duty", and the ONLY stop between New York and Texas, so we expect to get a lot of out-of-towners for this event!

In case you're not familiar with Mark Millar, he's the super-popular writer behind The Ultimates, Wanted, and Fantastic Four, among a bunch of others. He rarely makes appearances on this side of the Atlantic Ocean (I believe he's a Glaswegian, and definitely a Scotsman), so we're pretty excited to have him in such an intimate setting. Even more excited because he'll be here with our old pal Tony Harris, he of Ex Machina, Spider-Man: With Great Power, and Starman. Tony's a perennial favorite at HeroesCon and one of our staunchest supporters, so we're always excited to see him, no matter what the reason.

War Heroes #1 should be out any time now, but we'll have a bunch on hand at the signing, as well as a tour exclusive you can only get at one of the 7 "Tour of Duty" stops. We'll see you August 17 in our store!

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Jason Wheatley said...

Pretty excited about this - it will definitely make up for when Millar unfortunately had to cancel his appearance at HeroesCon in 2006!

And Dusty, I know you only have so much space, but you neglected Millar's new 1985, which has not only turned out to be a pretty cool story so far, but apparently is supposed to tie in to both his current Fantastic Four and Wolverine storylines. It's all good readin'!

And of course, Tony Harris is always awesome! But we all knew that already - the man can draw some sweet-lookin' funnybooks.