Wednesday, July 2, 2008

[POST] HEROESCON :: What Did You Buy At HeroesCon?

So what did YOU buy at HeroesCon?

While the staff is still getting back up to speed, I thought it would be fun to talk about the cool stuff we all bought at HeroesCon.

To me the very best thing about a terrific con is getting home with back, arms and legs hurting, sitting down and reveling in the bounty you've just acquired. I'll start-- most of mine is indie stuff but I want to know about ALL about your purchases. Did you finally get Amazing Spider-Man #215 to complete your collection? How long have you been looking for it? Lets hear about it!

so.....ME FIRST!!!!

• I got the Gary Panter two-volume omnibus from PictureBox signed (with a drawing!!) by Mr. Panter hisse'f!
• At the Heroes auction, I won a Gasoline Alley Sunday page (with the color guide on back!!!!) by Jim Scancarelli. The Sunday I bought was in the papers nationally the next day-- whoa!!)
Richard's Poor Almanac by Richard (Cul-De-Sac) Thompson-- laugh out loud funny!!
• I bought so much stuff from Roger Langridge, I will need a CPA to sort it all out for me,but Zoot Suit excites me the most!!
• I got the two issues of Jack Kirby's 2001: A Space Odyssey that completes the run for me (sweeet)

What about you? Let's hear it!


Shawn Reynolds said...

I bought Richard's Poor Almanac too! I've been reading it before I go to bed. It is really, really, really well done. Clever stuff.

I also got Storeyville by Frank Santoro. It was excellent. It had a "Grapes of Wrath" vibe to it. And that is my favorite book of all time.

I picked up a huge stack of mini comics. On Sunday I must have spent an hour or more walking around Indie Island talking with people and picking up things here and there.

And I got a Baroness GI Joe. Sweet.

Dustin Harbin said...

I ALSO got Richard's Poor Almanac, and ALSO am reading it before bed. It's actually pretty dense--I think I'm only about 1/3 of the way into the book. SO good. Meeting Richard Thompson was one of the many highlights of that weekend.

Neil said...

Most of what I got was art and it can be seen here (sans a couple of pieces that weren't finished by the time I had to leave on Sunday):

I also bought:

- James Jean's Process Recess #1 (first print) from Chris at the AdHouse booth

- "The Beards of our Forefathers" from David Malki of (best surprise find of the show)

- four shirts from the Gorilla Riot booth

- the first self-published Cemetary Blues story (issues 1- 3)

I also got some other books for my son and a sketchbook or two. I think I did pretty good, but I bet I could have spent a lot more if I had more to spend.

Only 11 and a half months 'till Heroes Con '09! I better start saving. : )

I'm glad you won the Coimc strip at the auction, Andy.

Rusty Baily said...

Well ya know, I've been wanting Frank Cho here for YEARS, and I do love me some Howard the Duck, so my stars were aligned when who had done a beautifully patriotic print of Howard, but the man himself! He even drew a sketch of Howard at the bottom for me! I was stoked!!!!!!!!!!!
It's no GI Joe Baroness, but, stoked none the less!

Eric said...

My favorite face-to-face buy of the con was Matt Kindt's Super Spy, but I also enjoyed Midnight Sun by Ben Towle and the first issue of Ganges by Kevin...I'm going to try to spell this before looking it up...Huizenga...heck yeah! King of spelling! I also adore a collection of mini-portraits of adventure lit. authors by Chris Schweizer.

In back issues, I shot for TPBs this year. I found Jimmy Corrigan for only $10, the first two Question TPBs for $8, the Question: Five Books of Blood Hardcover for $12, and Left on Mission from the kindly folks at Boom!.

The coolest thing at the con though, I think, were the free informational comics from the Center for Cartoon Studies (also by Huizenga, I'm pretty sure).

Oh, and Matt Wieringo, Matt Wagner, and Guy Davis all drew the Question for me!

Rich Barrett said...

I bought so much stuff, most of which I haven't read yet:

Fred the Clown from Roger Lanridge
Freddie and Me from Mike Dawson
Chiggers from Hope Larson
Or Else #2 from Kevin Huizenga
Crickee #1 and 2 from Sammy Harkham
Two Johnny Ryan books from Buenaventura Press

Some minis from people like Jason Horn, Jeremy Tinder, Jim Rugg, Alec Longstreth, Sean Ford and Rob Ullman.

Tons of cheap trades.

And I did a themed sketchbook this year. Sketches with a baby in it (since I'm a new dad) from: Guy Davis, Roger Langridge, Sammy Harkham, Kevin Huizenga, Chris Schweizer, Hope Larson, Bryan Lee O'Malley, Dean Trippe and Irwin Hasen.

I feel like there wasn't enough time or money though. Like the end of Schindler's List I found myself saying "I could have done so much more".

Dustin Harbin said...

Like Neil, I also got some pieces of art, one of which was rather public. Kudos to Rich's list, especially on Crickets #1-2. Incredible! The "Napoleon" one-pager inside the front cover of #2 might be one of the single best pages of comics I've read in the last 5 years, and I've read a lot of great pages.

Also, I bought a bunch from Sammy from the store, but they won't last long: Poor Sailor hardcover. INCREDIBLE! Rich, you should get it right away. I would have bought 10 instead of 5 if I thought I could sneak that many tiny hardcovers by Shelton. It is SO GOOD.

Rich Barrett said...

Here's my regrets from the show:

1. Didn't pick up Poor Sailor from Sammy Harkham. Had it in my hands and I totally should have done that.

2. Didn't get get Midnight Sun from Ben Towle (nor a sketch from him). How did I forget this?

3. Didn't get a sketch from Cliff Chiang for the third year in a row (that's a tough list to get on)

4. Didn't pick up Superior Showcase #3 and get it signed by all 3 artists in the house. (I've bought it since and it's great but lacking signatures).

Dustin Harbin said...


1) Buy Poor Sailor right away, Rich. If you like Crickets even a little bit, it'll be the best $14.95 you spend all year long.

2) We'll get you a Midnight Sun--it's on back order now, but maybe we can get some direct from Ben--he's semi-local, and a buddy.

3) Man, that sucks for you. Haw!

4) I can help with one of those signatures. And if you'd like it TOTALLY defaced, I'll even sketch in it for you!

Rich Barrett said...

You've got a deal on #s 2 and 4.

Vee ! said...

My best purchase was Super Spy--signed and sketched in by Matt Kindt himself. I read it once and then again the next day. It was that good. I also got The Claws Come Out by Pat Lewis, which ranks number two on my loot list.

My best (and most expensive) commission was by Dave Crosland, who did a beautiful sketch of the Hulk for me.

That only accounts for $100 of the $400+ I spent at Heroes Con this year. I'll probably get around to posting my entire loot list on my own blog later.

Chuck Wells said...

I bought mostly late silver/early bronze age issues to flesh out my collection. Stuff that I never purchased upon publication or that I had lost over the years:

Devil Dinosaur #9
Iron Fist #9
Logan's Run #1
Marvel Presents #3 (Guardians of the Galaxy)
Marvel Team-Up #35 (Human Torch/Dr. Strange)
Master of Kung Fu #18
Micronauts #1
New Mutants #1
Red Sonja #9
Strange Tales #174 (Golem)
Tarzan #1
Thor #280

Sketches this year included: Dick Giordano, Stephanie Gladden, Jim Scancarelli, Marcus Hamilton, Jaime Hernandez, Budd Root and a "quickie" Frank Cho inside a book which I brought to the show.

Andy Mansell said...

Just a quick buttinsky at this point..

Everyone should read Midnight Sun--I have been saying this for months.
It is an historical adventure told in Ben's clean lovely style-- not over-written-- he lets the characters and plot tell the story. Great stuff!!

BTW--Master of Kung Fu #18--sigh-- looks like Marvel is never going to do an EssentialMoKF so it looks like I will be hitting the bins to get that run.
It has to be THE most underated comic in history.

Anonymous said...

We did the same thing as Chuck Wells...tons of great bronze Marvels!

Battlestar Galactica #23, finally got the last issue and the only one I was missing.

A beautiful copy of FF Annual 4 with a reprint of the wedding issue.

Tons of single issues, from such bronze classics like:

Planet of the Apes
Logan's Run
Star Wars
Werewolf by Night
Frankenstein Monster
Skull the Slayer

Still haven't found those Night Nurses, but we'll keep searching!

Also picked up several Walking Dead TPB's at 50% off.

Perhaps the biggest gem of this show was the VF/NM lot of Hanna Barbera's Dynomutt and Laff-A-Lympics comics put out by Marvel in the late 70's. I got a great deal on these from Apocalypse Comics. Thanks, Chad!!

Chris & Donna Galvan

Gary said...

Bought close to 200 comics of mostly 1980's JSA and JLA related stuff. Also bought some stuff from Twomorrows (Joe Sinnott book, Alter Ego magazines) and some original sketches from a couple guys. Best Convention I have ever been to and I have been going to Charlotte since the first one in 1982 and only missed 4 of them. Kudos to Sheldon and the gang for a truly great show. I am counting down the days till the next one!!!

Brad Clark said...

My highlights from the con were:

- Uncanny X-men #94, 95, 96

- The Mark Brooks Family Matters print

- The Sunny Lee Wolverine painting I won at the auction

- Around 300 back issues I was able to pick up

- The other 10 prints I got from guys like Townsend and Finch.

- A badass painting from the silent auction I picked up for $25

Don't tell my girlfriend, but I spent our vacation fund at the convention.