Friday, August 22, 2008

CANCELLATION :: George Romero Signing.

Oh, the hate! I've been informed by The Light Factory that the George Romero film retrospective, along with the Heroes signing scheduled for September 19, will be cancelled. Apparently a late-breaking movie greenlight means that Romero is beginning production on a new movie at around the same time. How do you like all that Hollywood-speak? Snazzy, I know.

It looks like there's a chance that the retrospective will move to early 09, and if so, we will likely still be hosting a signing here, and will of course drive it into your heads with constant reminders for months in advance. But for the nonce... no Romero.

But dry those eyes! Still coming up on October 17 is the big Harvey Pekar/Alison Bechdel signing! This is going to be super-huge, and we expect as many or more people as we had last week for the Mark Millar/Tony Harris signing, so don't miss it! Don't worry, we'll continue to remind you constantly!


Jason Wheatley said...

This bums me out. Big zombie fan here...I was really looking forward to attending as many of those events as I could, not just our signing.

:( <------------ Sad Jason

Andy Mansell said...

Well I can't wait for the Pekar/Bechdel signing. I assume you will have plenty of copies of Fun Home (a book EVERYONE should read!!) and D***s to Watch out For..

Is there anyone out there in blogger land that can recommend the best books-- collections or issues-- from the Pekar oevre?


Monk a.k.a. Zach said...

I've only read Fun Home and would like to read Bechdel's other stuff.

The recent Vertigo American Splendor was well done. The only collections that spring to mind at the moment are Our Movie Year, the New American Splendor Anthology, the Quitter, Students for a Democratic Society and Ego and Hubris. I would recommend those five in the order listed.

Andy Mansell said...

Monk aka...

I am a huge, huge fan of both Students for a Democratic Society and Macedonia-- proof that Pekar could have made an entire career as THE serious comic historian to compliment the humorous genius of Larry Gonick (Cartoon History of the Universe)

I am more interested in delving into Pekar's autobio work.. I am surprised you did not mention Our Cancer Year-- that along with the first ten issues or so of American Splendor-- seem to be the consensus "must reads". I will take your recommendation and grab Our Movie Year next chance I get.

is it avaialble from Heroes?

Streebo said...

At the moment, there is not a dry eye to be found in Mutantville.

We worked long and hard to submit our zombie film to the contest only to see it all go down in flames barely two weeks before the festival.

Oh the humanity. . .

Dustin Harbin said...

Don't despair yet Streebo! They're trying to reschedule for February or so, although I'm not involved with all of that. Your film may yet screened--only now you've got six extra months of post-production!