Friday, August 15, 2008

DON'T FORGET: Millar, Harris, Ebay, Sunday

We're getting our ducks in a row for this Sunday! Just as a reminder: we'll be having a SALE all day long, and be opened for extended Sunday hours, from 11am to 7pm. More details at this post.

BUT THAT'S NOT ALL! As part of the Tour of Duty in support of the new War Heroes book from Image, we'll be hosting Mark Millar and Tony Harris in a store signing from 2-5pm!

BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! We'll also have a SUPER limited edition tour exclusive version of War Heroes #1, available while supplies last for $5 a pop.

OH BUT CHECK THIS OUT! You can still bid on the first spot in line, as well as a FREE copy of the tour exclusive, the proceeds of which go to the Hero Initiative! Good Lord!


Andy Mansell said...

A pretty girl hawking a war book in celebration of our free market economy (ebay and a HUGE retail sale)

How American can you get!!!

(You should have snuck Lady Liberty in there as well, but Ms Reynolds alone will do nicely!)

And a good charity to boot! You guys really are HEROES!!!!

Dan Morris said...

Exploiting the feminine charms of your store's manager to get people in the store! I'd expect this from the sordid likes of Barnes and Noble!

Kully Smith said...

Wow. It always amazes me how well this type of advertising works on the male population. Why, I myself have already bought over 5000 copies of War Heroes since this item was posted on the blog. Now I can't afford to buy the latest album from Dokken. Bummer.

Robert Ullman said...

Diabolical! and effective!