Thursday, August 21, 2008

HEROESCON BUDDIES :: Jim Mahfood and Scott Campbell Tipsy In Gallery!

Shocking insider video! Reputations ruined! A legion of teenaged fans disillusioned forever!

'i am 8-bit' art show opening 2008
by pennyman

Our buddies Jim Mahfood and Scott Campbell profiled in a video at the recent I Am 8 Bit gallery show in (I think) California somewhere. Probably Los Angeles? I think Los Angeles takes up most of California anyway, so that's a safe bet. Anyway, there's a bunch of cool pieces, some of which you can see on Scott and Jim's blogs. Check it out!


Neil said...

Ahhh, to be in the middle of all of that wonderful sub-culture. Instead, I'm in the birthplace of country music and surounded by NASCAR.

Oh well. At least I can watch the videos on the ol' interweb and see some cool folks once a year at Heroes Con.

Shawn Reynolds said...

Scott Campbell makes me laugh.