Friday, August 1, 2008

MORE DISCUSSION GROUP :: Watchmen! :: August 30!

Hot on the heels of the Trailer that has set the world on fire!!! It's Hyperbole Man here to announce to you dedicated supporters of all things heroic something REALLY BIG! Presenting A Special WEEKEND HEROES DISCUSSION GROUP spotlighting WATCHMEN by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons!

This book is so big, so vast, so talked about and so darned entertaining, we need to have dinner and drinks to complement the great conversation: unlike other discussion groups including the up-coming ICE HAVEN on August 11th, we'll meet at Heroes and then step across the street to one of the restaurants over there and have dinner while we talk!

All we ask is that you read (or re-read) the book, come with an open mind and plenty of opinions and if you plan to eat and drink (though you certainly aren't required to do either) please bring CASH. We will be splitting the bill and it will be a lot easier if everyone has cash!

Topics certainly will include

• How well has WATCHMEN aged? How influential is the book today?
• Has it had a positive or negative impact on super-heroes?
• What is the deal with PIRATES?
• Do the over-riding themes-- Art vs. Commerce--dwarf the plot?
• ALSO: A comparison between the FINAL product and the original premise submitted by Alan Moore (If you don't know it-- don't Google it, come and be surprised.. it will be fun!!)

Will we talk about the movie? You betcha!! Especially regarding the setting. New York is a heckovalot nicer now than it was in the early 80s; and does it have to be Nixon vs. the Commies or could the story work in our post 9/11 world?

If this special outing works well, we will look into expanding the scope of the Discussion groups.
• Are they better with food and drink?
• Should we branch out into movies-- comparing comic to film? Who knows?
One thing is for sure-- if you haven't read Watchmen, you are in for a treat!

Remember both Watchmen (Saturday, August 30 at 6pm) and Ice Haven (Monday August 11th at 7pm) are available from Heroes at a special 10% off discount ONLY if you ask for the Heroes Discussion Group discount!


Robert Ullman said...

That's Labor Day weekend, inn'it? I will be in NC that weekend, with the fam at Grandma and Grandpa's is Greensboro...dare I dream? If gas doesn't cost $12 a gallon by then, maybe I'll make the trip...I've probably read WATCHMEN twenty times, having bought it when it was coming out monthly back in the 80s. I can talk about it for hours!

Vee ! said...

Rob, I would pay for your meal if you made the trip out to Charlotte for this.

Andy Mansell said...

And I will buy you a few drinks

Dustin Harbin said...

I will bring some some Kleenex.

Daniel Von Egidy said...

This is me just finding out about this. I'm gonna go cry now.

Jason Wheatley said...

Crap, I didn't realize this was Labor Day weekend until Mr. Ullman pointed it out. Dilemma time...go camping, or talk Watchmen? Camping? Watchmen? Beer will likely be involved in both, so that's no help...

Rusty Baily said...

Dare I say I've never read the whole thing? I know, I know...BLASPHEMY!!! But I've just NOT been able to get into it. But if one is put in my bag, I'll gladly buy a copy to struggle through it again. Maybe I'll really enjoy it this time. I'll keep an open mind....

Brian said...

I have been wanting to make it to one of these discussion groups since they started.

I think I may have found the one that will finally find me in attendance.

Adam said...

Brian pointed this out to me and I thought do I really have the time? I'm leaning toward it. I like the people. I like the topic. Wait, Rob might be there? I'm sold!