Monday, August 11, 2008

NOW YOU CAN JUMP IN LINE :: Hero Initiative Auctions Millar/Harris Line Spot

Yes! As mentioned in last Friday's Heroes Hotline, our buddies at the Hero Initiative are auctioning off the first-in-line slot at this Sunday's Mark Millar and Tony Harris appearance! Not only that, but the winner will also get a FREE copy of the exclusive "Tour of Duty" cover to War Heroes #1, available only at one of the 7 U.S. tour stops! Cuh-razy!

You can get to the Ebay auction here: note that the gremlins got into the link I sent out in the Hotline, so this link should work. Remember that ALL of the moneys resulting from this auction go to the Hero Initiative, which is a super-awesome charity that you should give a lot of money to. I'd go on and on about how great they are, but they're better at talking about it than I am.

Okay! Get charitizing! See you this Sunday--don't forget the already mentioned sale stuff, as well!


Rusty Baily said...

Man, I just can't wait to see Tony again...what a cool, talented dude!

Brian said...

Looking forward to being back in the Queen City and at Heroes to cover another event this weekend!

locutus374 said...

yay i won the ebay auction now let the heavens part so i can get to charlotte

Dustin Harbin said...

Holy Cow! $167.53! Get to parting, heavens! Thanks to everyone who bid--it's going to a super great cause.