Friday, October 10, 2008

SARAH MARSHALL :: Forgotten!

Last week we asked you to write in with the comics creators you'd most like to see as guests at next year's HeroesCon. And boy, did you. After careful consideration, some heated debate, and a lot of behind the scenes dealmaking, we have chosen to bail out the big Wall Street banks a winner.

While there were a number of GREAT suggestions (including great ones by the Galvans, "Schmakt", and "Eric", not to mention pretty much everybody else), we've decided the best one was by "Lyle"--this is what he wrote:

"All right, I;ll be honest, my pick for Heroes COn '09 is a selfish one. Very selfish.

I would LOVE if John Romita Sr. would attend. I've long loved this man's artwork, and I would kill to meet him....

....but that's not why I want him to attend Heroes Con.

He is a legend, a MASTER of the pencil, and has drawn some of the most legendary arcs in Marvel history...

...but that's still not why I want him to attend Heroes Con.

I want him to attend because I have a book I want to get signed. The book is "The Death of the Stacys" Hardcover. I got this for my daughter, Gwen, before she was born. It is already signed by Stan Lee (thanks STAN!!), and I would love to see it signed by John Romita...I'd even throw in for a head sketch. This book is going to be put up for her, and, one day, she can see this book, and see that two comic greats signed this book just for her.

I know it's sappy, but that's my pick, and that is the reason why."

GREAT request, Lyle, and apparently one that pretty much everyone is behind on one level or another. Both of the Romitas (Sr. and Jr.) have been guests in the past, but I think the last time might have been in 96 or so, which would have been my very first HeroesCon as a member of the staff! Jeez, I've been working here too long! It's hard to find a Spidey fan bigger than Shelton, and I know he's constantly bugging those guys to come back, but we'll see if we can get the stars to align for you next summer, Lyle!

In the meantime, you are the proud future owner of a 3-disc DVD! If you're in the Charlotte area, you can drop by the store and pick it up; otherwise, drop me an e-mail through my little blog idea (there'll be an e-mail link there--if I type it in here my junk mail will double overnight), and we'll work out some shipping arrangements.

And thanks to everyone for voting! We love to hear from you guys on ANYTHING, so don't be shy about posting here on the blog!


McKay Milton said...

I thank you for the contest,it was fun and I hope you continue to have them.

Andy Mansell said...

Wait! WaiT! I forgot to mention--My daughters first word was "Nexus"
Steve Rude saved my cat from a fire!

Please forward my copy of the DVD to
O.W.A Giveaway
3000 Yeahsure Blvd.

Actually Lyle's response was inspired!!

More contests!! The prize doesn't matter so much as a fun topic/ Keep them coming!!

Lyle said...

Wow! Thanks! I actually won something!

If John Romita Sr (or Jr.) shows up, I will blow my lid! Just getting Gwen's book signed will be great! I started going to Heroes Con in 2000, so I've never had a chance to meet him.

My e-mail is I'm actually from Benson, about 2.5 hours away, so let me know how I can get you some money for shipping!

Either way, I will be at Heroes in June, with Highburn studios, and I look forward to seeing you guys then!

Thanks again!!

Robert Ullman said...

Lyle! I was wondering if that was you! Congrats!