Friday, December 12, 2008

MORE BIG EVENT :: Charlotte Minicon, January 17, 2009!

This has been a crappy week for blogging (excepting of course Rich's excellent weekly column), but the Heroes staff got hit hard this week by some sort of wild gypsy caravan of illnesses. Poor Shelton got not much of a post-sale rest, with the store understaffed pretty much all week.

But dry those sniffly noses! I wanted to write before I posted this week's Hotline, to announce that our next big event is the Charlotte Minicon, coming up on January 17, 2009! That's a little over a month from now, so be sure and save that date. Shelton started the Charlotte Minicon way back in 1977; this year it'll be taking place again in the Palmer Building at Fireman's Hall, located right down the street from our store at the corner of East 7th and East 5th streets.

After HeroesCon and Free Comic Book Day, this is the biggest event of the year for us. In the next week or so we'll be announcing a guest list; we're just waiting for a few more names to confirm before we announce them. Rest assured we'll announce those names here on the blog and on the Heroes Hotline first! Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

*crosses fingers* say Rip Taylor, pleeease say Rip Taylor.

Seriously though, I'm checking the blog every 10 minutes over here..not being pushy..just saying I'm excited to hear the guest list.

Anonymous said...

hopefully they can land a few - wonder who or whom it will be?

Anonymous said...

c'mon give us the goods - this and heroes con - wow

Anonymous said...

Never mind the guest list, Bring on the Westin Rate !!

Brett said...

Hi! Just wanted to make sure I am confirmed for 2 tables. Thanks!

- Brett (Brett's Comic Pile)