Friday, January 23, 2009

HEROESCON :: Bob McLeod, Tom Scioli, & More Join Guest List

This just in! New to the HeroesCon 09 Guest List on this fine Friday afternoon are some fine, fine fellows. I say Witness:

GEORGE BRODERICK JR :: has worked all over the place, most recently for Bongo on books like Radioactive Man and the Simpsons Super Spectacular; as well as for Moonstone on Kolchak the Night Stalker!

VITO DELSANTE :: is a sweet dude and an up-and-comer; besides writing in the past for Superman and Scooby-Doo, this year will see the premiere of his new book from AdHouse Books, FCHS--first as a FREE Comic Book Day book, and later as graphic novel!

BOB MCLEOD :: is no stranger to X-Men fans OR HeroesCon. He's most noted as the co-creator of the New Mutants, as well as creator of the Superhero ABC book, and editor of Rough Stuff Magazine.

THOMAS SCIOLI :: is the creator of the Xeric-winning The Myth of 8-Opus, as well as the artist of the popular Godland series!

Okay! I'm looking at my "to-do" list of guests to announce and they are seriously starting to back up, so expect weekly additions from pretty much here to June! And have a great weekend!


Andy Mansell said...


Perfect for an all ages panel

Not even February and I'm already excited

Neil said...

And so it begins. I can't wait.