Friday, January 16, 2009

THIS JUST IN :: Spidey #583 Door Prizes At Charlotte Minicon!

Shelton just walked into the office to say that he'd had a dream. "What was it?" I asked, expecting something wild, something bizarre.

"We're going to give away door prizes tomorrow at the Minicon."

"Door prizes."

"Yes, door prizes. A copy of the first print of Spidey #583 every hour. And one of them will be the Obama variant cover." I swear this is what happened. This is how Shelton talks ALL THE TIME. In his dreams, he is thinking about Spider-Man comic books. ALL THE TIME.

But his dream will come true! When you come to the Charlotte Minicon tomorrow, bring in the postcard we sent out this week, and you'll be registered for one of the FIVE door prizes, which will be a copy of the incredibly hard to find, already going to a 3rd printing, Amazing Spider-Man #583 FIRST PRINT! AND, also per Shelton's magnificent dream, ONE of those copies will be the EVEN HARDER to find Obama variant cover!

If you didn't get a postcard, DON'T WORRY--just sign up for our mailing list at the Minicon and you'll be registered too!

And of course, there's plenty more besides the door prizes going on: there'll be dealers from all over the Southeast, and a guest list including Georges Jeanty, Budd Root, Andy Smith, and more! See our original post or scroll to the post below this one on our blog to get all the details.

The Charlotte Minicon will go on from 11am to 5pm in the Palmer Building at Fireman's Hall (2601 E. 7th. St., click here for Google map). From our store at 7th & Pecan, head east (AWAY from uptown) to the very next light, at 5th Street. Fireman's Hall will be on the left, and there'll be signs a-plenty that Shelton will put out early that morning. This is presuming that he doesn't have another wild dream and oversleeps. See you there!