Friday, February 27, 2009

HEROESCON :: Mark Bagley And More Join Guest List!

YES LORD! This summer Mark Bagley returns to HeroesCon, after an absence of a few years--in fact, I think the last time we've seen Mark may have been at one of the first few Free Comic Book Day shindigs we ever had. Although I could be wrong--Shelton's memory is better than mine for dates and stuff.

ANYway, Mark is coming HERE in JUNE for HEROESCON! He's one of the most consistent on-time dudes in the business, with some incredibly lengthy continuous runs on books like Ultimate Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, and a little weekly book you may have heard of called Trinity. We're pleased as punch to welcome Mark back--but he's not alone! Also this week we added 4 other suh-weet names to the list:

NATHAN EDMONDSON is an excellent dude to NOT get into a bar fight with, as I discovered last year in the Westin hotel bar. What is the deal with drunk people hanging out in BARS all the time? Anyway, Nathan is also a writer of some skill--look for his upcoming book Olympus, from Image!

CHARLIE KIRCHOFF is a studly colorist, with work on a TON of Doctor Who books, including the recent hit Doctor Who: The Forgotten, as well as Angel: After The Fall and Spike: After The Fall; and my favorite, the new Zombies That Ate The World, over our buddy Guy Davis!

SUNNY LEE has worked in comics on and off in comics for the last ten years, most notably on Superboy, Young Justice, and Wolverine, and most recently on the Gen 13 relaunch.

And our new buddy MARK MCHALEY comes to us from the wild world of trading card art, where we got turned on to him through the lovely Allison Sohn. Mark has had work in a ton of different trading card sets including Star Wars Galaxy 4, Indiana Jones Masterpieces, and Batman Archives.

Okay--there's STILL a sheaf of names I need to work through, so if you've contacted me and haven't seen your name yet, I'm working my way towards you! Look for another update next week, right here!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Dustin,

Has there been any recent update on the Westin rate for Heroes Con? We are trying to get approval on vacation time from our employers and finalize vacation plans.

This will be our sixth year at Heroes Con, and we're looking forward to attending again, but the hotel rate seems to be released later and later each year.

Thanks for your help !!

Chris & Donna Galvan in Michigan