Thursday, March 26, 2009

FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! :: Saturday, May 2, 2009!

Yes! We'll be talking about this much more between now and then, but coming up the first Saturday in May is FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! If you've never been to one of our Free Comic Book Day jamborees before, it basically works like this:

1) There'll be between 20-25 different books, all of which will be FREE.

2) You can have one of each, while supplies last (we order less of some books than others), and as long as we feel like you're old enough for that book.


And if that's not enough, try this on for size: we'll also be hosting 14 different artists, who'll be signing autographs and doing free sketches from 1-5pm! OMG!! They're so cool, I'll list them again:

MARK BROOKS (Spider-Man)
CHRIS BRUNNER (Gotham Central)
CULLY HAMNER (The Question)
ADAM HUGHES (Wonder Woman)
BUDD ROOT (Cavewoman)
CHRIS SCHWEIZER (Crogan Adventure Series)
ANDY SMITH (Dean Koontz' Frankenstein)
ALLISON SOHN (Star Wars trading cards)
KARL STORY (Tom Strong)

OMG OMG!! If you've never been to one of our Free Comic Book Day shindigs before, you can find some pictures of past shindigs right here. But here's a teaser below, taken from across the street from our store last year:


Andy Mansell said...

Forgive the quick love-fest here:

We all know you don't HAVE to do this. Free Comic Book Day is NOT free to the retailers.

Most of the time free product will draw big crowds anyway, but Shelton and team invite a bunch of participating artists and turn it into a party-- a really fun party.

It is just another reason why Heroes is such a great store and as it continues to help keep Charlotte a strong presence in the national comics scene.

Bravo and thank you--We can't wait!!

Neil said...

Oh yeah. I'm making the trip this year for sure.

Anonymous said...

Not to talk anyone else down, but your FCBD event has a better draw than a good number of proper cons in the Southeast. I wanted to know who was gonna be there but now that I do I'm gonna be on pins and needles until I get to be there. This a GREAT collection of artists and I'm goin outta my skull just thinking about it. Way to bring it together - this is gonna be so freakin sweet. THANKS!!