Wednesday, March 18, 2009

HEROESCON :: Guy Davis, Colleen Doran, Bryan Glass, Chris Moreno!

"Davis, Doran, Glass, and Moreno" sounds like a trio of three acoustic guitar players and one dude with a recorder. Only one of them is American, and at least one is Welsh. Very popular in Scandinavia. Wait, what was I talking about?

OH YES!! Check out this sweet addition to the HeroesCon 09 Guest List I just TOTALLY made:

GUY DAVIS: OMG Guy Davis! I love this guy--he and Cliff Chiang could have sweetness contests, but I'm sure they'd spend the whole time nominating each other for the prize. Guy is the uber-admired artist behind B.P.R.D., as well as the recent Zombies That Ate The World, and a zillion more. I'll say more about Guy next week--I'll be interviewing him for this blog!

COLLEEN DORAN: Colleen is like the Queen of Comics--besides being an artist over the years on books like Wonder Woman and Spider-Man, she ALSO created the space epic A Distant Soil AND is a constant collaborator with luminaries like J. Michael Straczynski and Warren Ellis, with whom she's working on the forthcoming Stealth Tribes. She's a popular guest at HeroesCon, and we're super excited to welcome her back!

BRYAN J.L. GLASS: Bryan is making his second trip to HeroesCon this year. Bryan is the co-creator of The Mice Templar with Mike Oeming, and is also writing the upcoming Riftwar adaptation of Raymond E. Feist's popular fantasy series.

CHRIS MORENO: can do just about anything, and work in about any style. WITNESS his work on titles like World War Hulk: Frontline, Toy Story, and Paul Jenkins' Sidekick! Chris has become a perennial guest, and a hot stop for those collecting sketches and commissions!

Whew! I'll be doing another update before the end of the week, and the stack of additions is STILL GROWING! Also this week, the list (so far) of all those persons who've purchase Small Press Tables! Stay tuned!

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Andy Mansell said...

Colleen Doran-- wow!!

Did she ask about me?

Any mention of the restraining order being lifted?

All kidding aside, her art is fantastic she is awesome to talk with.