Wednesday, March 4, 2009


From our chums at the Movies At Crown Point theatre, we bring you a little quickie contest themed around this weekend's Watchmen film premiere:

Movies At Crown Point will be holding 2 midnight showings of the movie this Thursday night at, well, midnight. To help spread the word, they've given us 5 passes to do with what we will, and we thought we'd have a little Watchmen-themed contest. Answer one of the trivia questions below to win a pair of passes, OR the bonus question for the fifth pass. DISCLAIMER: many of you will know the answer, so I will pick a winner randomly from the entries I get. PLEASE DON'T answer the question in the comments below, for obvious reasons.

E-mail your correct answers to me at dharbin{at}heroesonline{dot}com. Okay, let's do it!

QUESTION 1 (good for 2 free passes):
What is the name of the artist (NOT Dave Gibbons) credited within the story for the art on the "Tales Of The Black Freighter" story?

QUESTION 2 (good for 2 free passes):
What was the occupation of Dr. Manhattan's father?

BONUS QUESTION (good for 1 free pass):
What was the name of the paper that Rorschach sent his final journal to?

Okay! I'll take correct answers until noon tomorrow (March 5), and winners can pick up their passes here in our store after that time! I'll announce them here!


Phil Southern said...

There is a Watchmen movie?

Dan Morris said...

This is one of those times where I wish I was in Charlotte.

Robert Ullman said...

Me too. I knew all the answers, without even looking at the book or Wikipedia!

Ebert gave it four stars, BTW...

Dustin Harbin said...

UPDATE! I forgot to mention yesterday that the passes are a) can be used any time this weekend (once, of course), and b) on any movie, not necessarily Watchmen.

Monk a.k.a. Zach said...

Phil wins the Funny Comment Award.

Rich Barrett said...

I had a chance to see the film already and I just want to tell everyone while they're watching it to close your eyes when the Comedian is talking and picture Phil Southern. I swear to god they have the same exact voice.