Wednesday, April 8, 2009

HEROESCON :: Eric Powell, John Paul Leon, And More!

Well, I hadn't planned on making another update to our HeroesCon 2009 Guest List until tomorrow, but Shelton informed me yesterday that he has a list of over 100 guests that need to get added STAT! So it looks like the month of April is going to be a wild tidal wave of HeroesCon announcements--whew! Let's enjoy this time of relative quiet for the hour or so we have left, and reflect upon today's awesome addition!

Returning to HeroesCon this summer is Goon creator ERIC POWELL! With The Goon in production as a David Fincher-produced movie, you can bet we'll be name-dropping Eric like crazy to all of our friends pretty soon. But you can still meet him in person this June at HeroesCon! Besides his work writing and drawing (and often painting) The Goon, Eric has worked all over comics on series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The Avengers, and dozens more.

Also coming back to HeroesCon this year is acclaimed artist JOHN PAUL LEON. John is probably most famous as the artist of Earth X, as well as the original artist on the cult-favorite Static series. But more recently he's known as the artist on the critically acclaimed The Winter Men series. Look for the addition of John's buds in The Blvd Studio in the coming weeks!

But wait there's more! Also joining the Guest List today are:

WILL ALLRED, an Arkansas native and writer of Diary of Night, illustrated by fellow guest Gene Gonzales. Look for more work by Will in 2009 from Bloodfire Studios.

THOMAS BOATWRIGHT is the artist on Surreal Adventures of Edgar Allan Poo, Cemetery Blues, and the forthcoming Zeke Deadwood, AND a Harvey and Eagle Award nominee!

FRANCESCO FRANCAVILLA is about as nice as they come, and has a totally sweet Italian accent to boot. His bio gets more impressive every year, these days including work on Zorro and Scalped, as well as the upcoming Wildstorm series Garrison!

MICAH HARRIS is the writer of the Heaven's War graphic novel, illustrated by Michael Gaydos. A North Carolina native, Micah has become a fixture at HeroesCon over the years, as we hope you have as well!

Okay: still another big update tomorrow, and--who knows?--maybe a FOURTH one on Friday! Get ready for HeroesCon 2009!

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Anonymous said...

Eric Powell---Outstanding!

Just picked up Goon #1 from Avatar for 8 cents...need to bring this book for signature!