Monday, April 13, 2009

INDIE ISLAND :: Top Shelf Joins Indie Island List!

Another week of HeroesCon 2009 Guest List updates begins! This week we start out with near-to-my-heart Indie Island, welcoming back Top Shelf Productions to HeroesCon! Top Shelf has been a central part of Indie Island since long before its creation in 2005, and in many ways laid the groundwork and made it possible! That's why it's particularly pleasurable for me to announce the addition of four of their biggest creators to our Indie Island list:

MATT KINDT is the award-winning creator of the Superspy book, as well as its predecessors, 2 Sisters and Pistolwhip! He's got another book coming out later in the year from Dark Horse, but I'm not entirely sure it's okay to announce it yet, so you'll have to ask him about it at the show!

ANDY RUNTON is certainly no stranger to HeroesCon, one of our most regular and well-loved guests. Especially well-loved by fans of Owly, the extra cute, extra popular all ages book he writes and draws!

Speaking of cute and popular, CHRISTIAN SLADE is the creator of the Korgi series from Top Shelf, and is making his first ever appearance at HeroesCon this year. Be sure to welcome this prolific illustrator and now cartoonist to Charlotte!

And lastly but leastly: while ROB VENDITTI is only half as cute as Andy Runton, he's twice as popular lately--Rob wrote the graphic novel The Surrogates, which is being made into a movie starring Bruce Willis and Ving Rhames, set for release later this year. Seriously, if you've ever met Rob, you know it couldn't happen to a sweeter guy. In the next couple of weeks or so I'll be sitting down to interview Rob, so we'll see what HE has to say about it then.

But for now, welcome to these Top Shelfers! And of course, there are a ton more announcements on the way--tomorrow, more of our HeroesCon "family", as well as another publisher!

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Red Moon said...

Alright! Great additions to an already awesome list. We love Korgi and Owly!