Friday, May 29, 2009

HEROESCON :: Chris Claremont, David Mack & More!

I told you we had a bunch of big news this week! Brand new to the HeroesCon Guest List as of a few minutes ago is a guy you may have heard of once or twice if you like comics... a guy I like to call CHRIS CLAREMONT! Holy mackerel, right? I'm not sure, but I think the last time Chris was at HeroesCon was back in the 80's, but Shelton will know better than I would.

Chris will be promoting his new book X-Men Forever, which more or less picks up from where he left off with X-Men #3 way back when! Not only that, the book is bi-weekly, with the first issue by amazing Tom Grummett! I'd explain further, but I'm pretty sure Chris can explain it better himself when you meet him at HeroesCon in just a few weeks!

Oh, but that's not all--also new this week is Kabuki creator DAVID MACK, who'll be appearing with his buddy Brian Michael Bendis. I'm still puzzling over where to put THOSE lines, but we'll figure something out. Besides his work on Kabuki, David is also adapting Philip K. Dick's Electric Ant into comics this summer with Marvel Comics.

But wait I'm STILL not done! Also new today are:

AL BIGLEY, an artist and educator who's worked on Sonic, Batman Animated, Geminar, and the upcoming Tao Boy, not to mention a how-to book, Drawing Comics Like A Pro. AND Al's a Charlottean!

RYAN BODENHEIM is returning this year--you may have seen his art in Wolverine, Black Panther, or in Red Mass For Mars, written by fellow guest Jonathan Hickman.

Hey, what about TOM FEISTER? Another old buddy of ours, these days Tom is a cover artist for GI Joe Origins, as well as having worked on Warriors: Jailbreak and the bajillion-award-winning Ex Machina.

Okay! Still more news to come before the weekend. See you after I grab a quick sandwich and splash water in my face!


Andy Mansell said...

You mad geniuses.

This is going to be such a great weekend.

As usual you are giving attendees their money's worth PLUS!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Holy comicbook convention batman this is going to be a huge weekend

Brandon said...

It's too bad I'm going to be on my honeymoon this weekend because this sounds great! Somehow my soon-to-be wife didn't think Heroes Con would be romantic enough. Oh well...