Thursday, May 21, 2009

HEROESCON :: DC Comics, Ethan Van Sciver Return To HeroesCon!

Whoa Nellie! Did you see that headline? DC Comics is returning this summer to HeroesCon! For the first time in some years, DC will be setting up in force at HeroesCon, with editors, panels, and probably lots of swag and glimpses at the upcoming shape of the DC Universe! We're super-DUPER excited about this, and have been trying to make it happen for awhile now--the stars have aligned! Be sure you let DC know that you want them to stay at HeroesCon in coming years!

And on the DC tip, fan-favorite artist Ethan Van Sciver will be appearing at HeroesCon as well this summer--Ethan has become a popular guest at the show over the last few years, and will know doubt have long lines once more this year with his work on Flash Rebirth and the big DC event, Blackest Night!

Oh, and there's still another big publisher announcement to make, but I think I'll save that one for next week when I have a few more details locked down. Let's just say that it's going to be a banner year this year!


Neil said...

You should arrange a DC booth/Indie Island pie fight or something.

Anonymous said...

With DC setting up shop, hopefully that means more DC creators and artist will be present. The guest list seems heavy on the Marvel and Indie side.

I'd like to see Gail Simone (any Nicola Scott) invited. She (they) has (have) argubably the hottest book in comics right now with Secret Six.


David Allred said...

I second that on Gail Simone... she's FAB.

Caped Crusader said...

Having Dwayne McDuffie at the con would be a treat, too.