Thursday, June 25, 2009

HEROESCON :: Ahoy The Internet!

In true Comics Reporter style I thought I'd amass some of the links I've found or that people have sent me to HeroesCon reports. While I can't vouch for the content at some of these links (I mean language, some of these guys use teetee-caca language), most of the ones I've looked at are pretty awesome, not to mention complimentary (that falls under the "awesome" subheading anyway).

In no particular order:

Great CLT Blog photo slideshow
CBR coverage of Rantz Hoseley's Longbox announcement/panel
CBR coverage of DC Nation panel
Comics Reporter mid-weekend coverage
CBR talks to Mark Waid about Dr. Strange
Nick Mizgala Flickr set
Newsarama coverage of BOOM! Disney licenses
Newsarama coverage of Dark Reign panel
Newsarama coverage of Ares/War Stories
Newsarama coverage of DC Nation panel
Newsarama coverage of DC Universe panel
Newsarama coverage of Pint o' CB panel
Comics Reporter coverage of HeroesCon and Wizard
CBR coverage of Owly on Kindle
Twitter search for #heroescon
HeroesCon Flickr group
Kivus Flickr set 1/2
Kivus Flickr set 2/2
Van Jensen on Smith/Longstreth panel
Sidebar podcast
Jim Amash blog post
Vito Delsante Vlog on FCHS
Dean Trippe photo set
Van Jensen Publisher's Weekly con report
Creative Loafing photos
Red Moon report part 1
bodhipuff's photo report
Alec Longstreth con report
Evan Dahm post

Okay that's a lot of reading for you--get to work! And if you know of one you don't see here, feel free to post a link in the comments section!


Vee ! said...

My photos from Heroes Con are over on my Flickr site as well. Some of them were taken per Andy Mansell's request, so could someone make sure he sees these?

Andy Mansell said...

Vee-- you are as talented as you are lovely. Thanks so much for taking so many great photos!!

Convention Scene said...

We've got some more links over on Convention Scene:

Steven said...

wanted to let you know that somoe photos had been sent and listed here as well for Heroes Con

Patman said...

Sorry to be late to the party, but here's my Heroes Con 2009 photo album broken up into many different collections of sets hosted on Flickr:

Heroes Con 2009 photo album