Tuesday, June 16, 2009

HEROESCON :: Arthur Suydam, More Studio Revolvers!

Time is ticking and we're all working dawn to dawn getting ready for the convention which is just THREE DAYS AWAY, but I thought I'd announce a late-breaking addition to our Guest List today:

ARTHUR SUYDAM is the award-winning artist behind a veritable undead army of "zombie" reinterpretations of classic Marvel covers over the last few years, most related in some way to the Marvel Zombies comic. He's been a high profile painter for years, as well as creating strips like Cholly & Flytrap and others. These days he's working on Deadpool, and I believe there's some recently announced work upcoming on Moon Knight!

OOPS UPDATE: Apparently Arthur can't make it after all? Shortest time on Guest List ever! Okay sorry to get you excited, but there's still all these cool peeps below from Studio Revolver! Okay resume blog post:

Also new to the list these days are a whole bevy of Studio Revolver members, which includes luminaries like Dexter Vines and Sanford Greene among others. New from Studio Revolver today are:

JOHN TYLER CHRISTOPHER: Upcoming Witchblade covers, Wizards of the Coast
CASEY EDWARDS: White Wolf, 10 Worlds Studio
TARIQ HASSAN: Upper Deck, DC cards, Star Wars Mini toy line
KEVIN STOKES: Splitsville, Smallville

Okay hard at work on getting pro and exhibitor locations up, so stay tuned!

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