Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HEROESCON :: Small Press Tables Available For Limited Time!

Yes! But you'd better hurry! We're in Hall A of the Charlotte Convention Center this year, instead of Hall C like the last few years. Hall A is about 20,000 square feet bigger, which means that we have a few small press tables available for sale! So if you missed the original cut off, now is the time to jump on the wagon!

So for a super-limited time, you can call in your order to us at 704.375.7462, or fax the form with your charge info to 704.375.7464. It's so late in the game we're leery of suggesting you mail us checks, but if you live in or around Charlotte, just bring those badboys in and we'll set you up in-person-style.

Also of note: I've been locating the existing Small Press tables, but those are tentative, and will likely change in the next week or two. I'm getting some e-mails about them, but don't stress yet! They should be pretty firm by the end of the weekend. Okay back to work!

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Why is the main website down?