Tuesday, July 7, 2009

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, MAY I PRESENT: Linda D'Olivat Drum and Shelton Drum

Yessirree! As reported over the weekend by me on Twitter, both in my at-work and at-home identities, as well as by numerous employees on their various social media throughout the weekend, our boss Shelton Drum pulled a fast one this weekend and got HITCHED to his lady-love Linda D'Olivat!

While some of the staff were invited to a "light dinner" at Shelton's house Friday night, only a few of us showed up on time--it was, after all, Friday night. I, as a matter of fact, called to tell Shelton I wouldn't be there til after 9.30, but as I listened to the phone ring I didn't realize it was being used as a wedding iPod. So when I showed up the party was in mid-toast, everyone was pretty, er, mellow after a couple of hours of celebration, and I found myself late for my boss's wedding!

Whoa! Fortunately almost everybody else had been surprised by Shelton's backyard wedding/eloping trick, but once you got over the shock you realized in you were in the middle of a great big party. Super awesome, and Shelton and Linda were beaming all night--we're all pretty excited about adding a Canadian to the store family, which makes us 75% funnier AND 125% better cartoonists by association. Also now Seth can play hockey.

Shelton's pretty excited too--I asked him for a little quote for this announcement, and he sent me this:
It was like we eloped, but at home, and with our friends and family! It couldn't have worked out better. The weather was fabulous and everyone was surprised and happy for us. Linda and I are looking forward to sharing many happy years together!

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in congratulating Shelton Drum and newly minted Linda D'Olivat Drum on their happy nuptials! Many happy returns!


Jason Wheatley said...

I was going to save my congrats for in person, but heck...can you really ever have enough? Congratulations, Shelton and Linda!

Andy Mansell said...

Hot Darn!!!

My best to both of you-- good people DESERVE each other.

This is wonderful!!

Brian said...

Congratulations Shelton & Linda!

Robert Ullman said...

What a cool way to get married! Congratulations, you guys!

Chuck Wells said...

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Leave it to Shelton to pull an impromptu wedding in his nearby backyard as a nice twist on the usual staff get together. lol

Chris Baker said...

Congrats to you both!!!

Ryan Fisher said...

Congrats to you two wacky kids!

Patman said...

Congrats to Shelton and Linda. Enjoyed reading how it all went down.

todd said...


congratulations, you two! ha! after talking conspiratorially with linda at the show last month, i could tell that this was on the way...but MAN, sooner than i thought!
best wishes and many, many happy years together~!!!
and love~!