Thursday, August 6, 2009

HEROESONLINE :: Shifting Site Navigation!

Our new fancy blog is nearing completion, thanks in part to the timely assistance of Phillip Duncan over at Superheroes-R-Us, who apparently is a CSS master among his other skills. We'll be getting that live pretty soon, possibly even as soon as tomorrow. But that's not what I wanted to tell you--

Over the last few weeks we've been moving our site from one service to another, fancier one--one that we will hopefully be reaping some sweet functionality rewards from in the coming months. So far the biggest reward has been like 500% more junkmail, but as rewards go it's kinda lame, honestly. BUT that's surely just a speedbump.

But, check it out, two big changes for right now:


The site still looks the same more or less, but now the New Releases page has moved from "" to just plain old "". Ditto across the site; for instance, the HeroesCon Guest List is now at "". A small thing, but a change I've been wanting to make for awhile, and I thought I might as well get it done while stuff was shifting around anyway. Makes for cleaner navigation and easier to describe links to things.

SO: update your bookmarks accordingly. I've created a fancy error message page that you'll get if you type in a file that doesn't exist any longer, and all the new links are there for reference. The main site navigation is still more or less the same, so you can use the existing navbars to navigate to pages you're looking for as well. If you have any problems or find any glaring errors, feel free to email me at dharbin[at]heroesonline[dot]com

2) While our e-mail addresses have not changed, some webmail-based addresses you may have been using will change before too long. So if you've been using an email like "" or "" or pretty much anything that doesn't end in "", now is the time to update your address books. Those emails will still find their way to us eventually for a little while, but better safe than sorry, right?

Okay so new blog soon, plus more new stuff to come. ONWARD TO ADVENTURE!

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