Tuesday, August 11, 2009

TONIGHT!! Surprise Sale, Marvels Project #1 Pre-Sale, More!

Now, we announced last Friday that we'd be having a 9pm Marvels Project #1 pre-sale tonight--that is still true. But in true Shelton Drum fashion, our boss has decided to super-size his party at the last minute.

SO tonight we will not only be staying up late to sell the new book by our buddies Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting (starting at 9pm), but Shelton and Seth will be rolling out their recently organized stock of Silver Age books, in celebration of the auspicious 70-year anniversary Marvel is celebrating throughout the year! These guys have really been working this stock, so there will be a lot of OOOOOLLLLLD books you probably haven't seen before, in all sorts of grades!

OH BUT ALSO we'll be having a surprise sale on back issues: all back issues in our regular back issue section will be half off all night! You heard right! Half off tonight only!

But leave us not forget The Marvels Project #1 itself--in true Marvel style, there will be a number of variants for this blockbuster event, including several you can ONLY get from retailers participating in tonights' nationwide party event! Those include:

2 regular covers

A "party exclusive" blank cover, perfect for getting sketched on later by a luminary

Another "party exclusive", this one a Phil Jimenez "virgin" cover (that means no logo, price, etc.--I know, these guys are nuts with these variants)

A Steve McNiven variant that's highly limited

AND a 1:25 and 1:70 cover as well. Holy Cow that's a lot of Marvel Project! But even if variant covers aren't your bag, the story itself is pretty interesting so far, perfect if you haven't been keeping up with Marvel continuity lately (like me). I dug it.

OH, I almost forgot--we'll ALSO have the new Marvel Comics #1 70th Anniversary Edition, a reprint of the original first-ever Marvel comic, from (I think) 1939. AND a second cover you can only get--wait for it--at participating "party" locations!

We'll start the back issue sale at 6pm tonight, and the Marvels Project #1 will be available for sale promptly at 9 o'clock. If you can't make it, we SHOULD have some left for the regular release tomorrow... HOPEFULLY....

UPDATE--It looks like we'll be joined tonight by some local artists, who you can probably trick into sketching on that blank cover for you. I know that both Andy Smith and Jason Latour will be dropping by, and I'll bet there'll be some more surprise guests as well. PARTAY!

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Shawn Reynolds said...

I read Marvels Project #1 on my lunch break the other day and I must say it sure is a good book! I really wanted to write a review of it but I couldn't think of any thing intelligent to say other than it was an exciting read full of intrigue and androids. I really like how Brubaker is reinterpreting the origin of the Marvel U. This book has the "Shawn Seal of Approval"! Patent Pending.