Tuesday, July 10, 2007

IN THE NEWS :: Doug Marlette Dies At 57.

We are saddened to report that Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Doug Marlette was killed this morning in single car accident, as reported on The Charlotte Observer's website. Besides being one of the most recognizable names in editorial cartooning for decades, with work for The Charlotte Observer, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Newsday and more, Marlette was the creator of the long running Kudzu newspaper strip, as well as author of two novels. He was a guest of ours at HeroesCon '96, along with strip artists Marcus Hamilton, Jim Scancarelli, and the late Fred Lasswell. We first learned of the accident through Tom Spurgeon's Comics Reporter blog.


Mansell in distress said...

Does shelton have any personal rememberance or stories about Doug Marlette he can share with us?

Dustin Harbin said...

I'll bet he does, Andy--I still havne't been able to get him to sign up for the darned blog. Technology confuses him; he's no spring chicken, y'know? More like a late summer turkey. Haw!

Eric said...

Marlette also had a great novel called, I think, The Bridge, that was about the mill strikes of the early 20th Century. Not only a fantastic cartoonist, but a great writer too.

Dustin Harbin said...

Our local public radio station (or one of them, WFAE 90.7) rebroadcast an interview with him after the publication of (I think) his second book, which you listen to... hold on... here?

If that doesn't work, just go to www.wfae.org and look for the Charlotte Talks archives.