Monday, August 27, 2007

NOW DISCUSS :: Frequently Asked Questions, Pt. 2

Okay, now I'm serious--I'm still hunting entries for the Frequently Asked Questions page on our brand new snazzy website. I've got a good number, including topics like these:


What am I missing? Post your comments, even if you think they're stupid. It might lead us to something else that's less stupid. Of course, we can always add stuff after the page premieres, but I'd like to start with as comprehensive a list as I can manage. Here's a link to the original post, and it's page of comments--but come back to this post to leave any new comments, or I might not notice. Thanks, everybody!


Big Dog Studios said...

I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but how about making the quick draw a random character. I've sat in on these and just about everyone has a character and a pose they've practiced a 1000 times! Make it interesting and fair across the board. Select a character/event at random and announce it in the room just before the competition starts. That'd be a true test of skill...

Another about hand sanitizer dispensers as you go into the show. Similar to cruise set ups.

Dustin Harbin said...

Well, Big Dog, I hear you talking, BUT one of our biggest goals with the Quickdraw is to get younger artists involved. To that end, it behooves us to keep things as simple and as friendly as possible. Not to mention that even with the few rules we have now, the Quickdraw's have become enormously popular over the last few years, with over 100 people participating in each day's contest this year.

But you're right--among the older drawers, it's a little different. Travis Tutterow wins every year, for instance, because he draws a cool looking Spider-Man. On the other hand, he can draw his tail off--his Spidey's are never the same pose.

Andy Mansell said...

A couple of things:

Announce the quick draw judges in advance (about 1 hour or so...)

Offer fod deals for folks with local vendors..there's money and GOOD will and great service to be found.

More to follow